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Meet dog-loving
locals with Zebark

Share the love of dogs and get
help when life gets busy.

Why Zebark is for you

New Friendships

Ideal for making playmates of the doggy and human kind. Meet local dog owners and helpful neighbours who offer free help and care for your dog when life gets too busy.

Local Convenience

No-where to travel with neighbours as helpers

Cost Effective Care

One low annual fee for unlimited arrangements

Helpful Neighbours

Like any new friendship, Zebark connections are built over time and shared interests. You’ll get to know other dog owners and neighbours who may not have a dog but would love to spend time with a furry friend.

Reviewed by us

Each application personally reviewed for safety

Community Building

A local village of support & bring joy to those unable to have a dog

Dog Products & Services made easy

Zebark dog owners have access to special deals and discounts that come from our group purchasing power and can tap into professional insights from our highly regarded doggy-centric businesses.

Local Professionals

Find vets, trainers, groomers and minders in your local community

Group Purchasing Discounts

We broker deals on your behalf for big ticket expenses, such as Pet Insurance, Pet Food and Pet Tech.

Joining is easy

Join and create a free basic profile. You will immediately see how many members are listed in your area. Completing your own profile unlocks the ability for you to view the profiles of members nearby and one of our team will personally review your profile for suitability. This is done within 3 days. You will know your profile has been reviewed as you will have access to ‘chat’ or ‘upgrade membership’. Membership charges currently apply to Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan postcodes. You will see options to ‘upgrade membership’ within the platform. You can not message other members on the platform unless you have a paid membership, or if you are a Foundation member (Foundation Memberships are offered to those outside Melbourne and Sydney where our membership is still growing – these are totally free memberships). Memberships are billed quarterly.


Plus$20 (application fee)

Ready to get started?

I’m a Pet Owner

Share the love of pets and get
help when life gets busy.

I don’t Have a Pet

Share companionship, walks and
cuddles, and help a neighbour.

I have a Pet Business

Share knowledge and
professional insights.

Find a playmate & become a doggy do-gooder.

Promote your doggie business.