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Animal Aid Unlimited, India

I am going to do a series of posts featuring some of my favorite animal charities. The first I am introducing to you today, if you don’t already know who they are, is Animal Aid Unlimited, India.

This organization is absolutely tireless in their care and respect for the street animals in their location of Udaipur, India. They rescue thousands of critically injured animals and nurse them back to health. When I say animals I mean every kind of animal that you can think of – they have rescued it. Dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, goats the list goes on and on. They never turn away an animal in need.

How can you support this amazing charity? Go to their website – there is a donate button on the front page! Or for more options – go to their How to Help page and see all the options for helping them out. Or a super easy way – subscribe to their YouTube Channel and simply watch their videos and the ads displayed. One warning though some of their videos can be graphic with hurt and injured animals, so if you are not ready to watch the reality of street animals in India – stick to donating though their website.

I do watch their YouTube videos (and I’m not good at seeing animal cruelty and suffering) but I feel its an easy way to educate myself and support an outstanding charity. I applaud this organization for not shying away from the honest tragedy of animal treatment in their location and showing the conditions of street animals.

Thank You Animal Aid Unlimited, India. Please keep up the great work for animals who so desperately need you.


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